Primula seismic surveillance to detect tunnels


Primulas provides perimeter protection of critical installations, using a set of buried sensors providing continuous monitoring and surveillance of an area of interest when detecting vibrations in the ground.

As a UX designer, my mission was to design a CCTV system to be used by personnel in Mexican Federal jail facilities.

Product CCTV Sysgtem
Role  UX designer
Industry Public security
Year 2016


Learning the functionality of the system, components and acquiring familiarity with the work environment as well as work-flows and maintenance processes in the the jail facilities.

Roles characteristics

The system serves 2 main roles system, each one of them with different usage characteristics, goals and needs

Guarding officers

Belongs to the federal police

Does not receive training on this system

They have a deep understanding of the facility and its surroundings

Once a breach is detected they need to identify the reference of location and to operate it with different systems

Upon a breach, there is a need to investigate past events as well

There are also false alarms

The shift is consisted out of 30 guards and one shift-manager. The control room has 2 tables, each of them has a row of 6 terminals on each.

Normally the system is unmanned, only when an event occurs

They need to fill report when the shift ends

Tech services

Belongs to the prison authority

Go thru extent training - both on the tech side and on the monitoring side

The sole owner of all maintenance of this system

Every change and action require authentication


Task flow

Data and functionality


Incoming alert

The system is not manned around the clock, so the incoming alarm has both visual and vocal indications.

Events list

As a guard, I can see a list of the current events after dismissing the alarm. Each event is represented both on the map to find GEO reference or in the list where all events are prioritized by severity.

The map can display different layers. I can choose to hide or show the regions. I choose to show only the terrain, show only jail map, or both of them at the same time

Event drillsown

Some events, require further investigation. I can enter the region screen and have an overview of current and past events to see if there is a pattern.

When needed, I can open timeline of the region and see all how each event developed

Maintance mode

As a technician, I can see in the maintenance mode a list of each region and the included nodes and sensors. I can change the map to display nodes or sensors so I find easily them in the field.

Each component has a detailed screen whereas I can inspect the component, retrieve data or make maintenance activities such as replacing them, shutting them off, or even remove them